W2S2 [tu:θ] n plural teeth [ti:θ]
ear, ↑nose, ↑tooth, ↑eye
1¦(in mouth)¦
2¦(on a tool etc)¦
4 fight tooth and nail
5 get your teeth into something
6 in the teeth of something
7 set somebody's teeth on edge
[: Old English; Origin: toth]
1.) ¦(IN MOUTH)¦
one of the hard white objects in your mouth that you use to bite and eat food
Her smile revealed a row of white, even teeth.
Last time I went to the dentist I had to have two teeth out .
I think the baby must be cutting a tooth (=growing one) .
The children ran out of the water, teeth chattering .
Carly spoke through clenched teeth (=with her teeth pushed together in anger) .
He gritted his teeth (=pushed his teeth together with determination) and pulled on the rope again.
The dog sank its teeth into my leg.
→↑baby tooth,canine tooth atcanine2 (1), ↑eye tooth, ↑milk tooth, wisdom tooth, buck teeth, false teeth, gap-toothed
2.) ¦(ON A TOOL ETC)¦
one of the sharp or pointed parts that sticks out from the edge of a comb or ↑saw
3.) ¦(POWER)¦
have teeth
if a law or an organization has teeth, it has the power to force people to obey it
We need an Environment Agency that really has teeth.
4.) fight tooth and nail
to try with a lot of effort or determination to do something
We fought tooth and nail to get these plans accepted.
5.) get your teeth into sth informal
to start to do something with a lot of energy and determination
I can't wait to get my teeth into the new course.
6.) in the teeth of sth
in spite of opposition or danger from something
Permission for the development was granted in the teeth of opposition from local shopkeepers.
7.) set sb's teeth on edge
if a sound or taste sets your teeth on edge, it gives you an uncomfortable feeling in your mouth
a horrible scraping sound that set my teeth on edge
armed to the teeth atarmed
cut your teeth on sth atcut1 (23)
by the skin of your teeth atskin1 (9)
be a kick in the teeth atkick2 (5)
lie through your teeth atlie2 (1)
have a sweet tooth atsweet1 (7)
take the bit between your teeth atbit2 (9)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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